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2 Teachers of our Vidyalaya,  received Regional Incentive Award i) Santosh Kumar Kana ii) Sulekha Rani R

e-magazine of class XI & XII released on 07-09-2018

Bhasha sangam Programmes :

Day 1 - 01/12/2018 (As 20/11/2018 was a Holiday)  -    Assamese Day Programme 

Day 2 - 21/11/2018   -    Bengali Day Programme1 

                                     Bengali Day Programme2

Day 3 - 26/11/2018   -     Bodo Language  - Programme

Day 4 - 27/11/2018   -     Dogri Language  - Programme1      Programme2

Day 5 - 28/11/2018   -     Gujarathi Day     - Programme

                                      Linguistic Diversity of India (Dance)

Day 6 - 29/11/2018   -     Hindi Language    - Programme

Day 7 - 30/11/2018   -     Kannada Language - Programme

Day 8 - 03/12/2018   -     Kashmiri Language  - Programme - Part II

Day 9 - 04/12/2018   -     Konkani Language   - Programme

Day 10- 05/12/2018   -     Maithili Language     - Programme 

Day 11- 06.12.2018   -     Malayalam Language - Programme

Day 12- 07.12.2018   -     Manipuri Language    - Programme

Day 13- 10.12.2018   -     Marathi Language     -  Programme

Day 14- 11.12.2018   -     Nepali Language       -  Programme

Day 15- 12.12.2018   -     Odia Language          - Programme

Day 16- 13.12.2018   -     Punjabi Language      - Programme

Day 17- 14.12.2018   -     Sanskrit Language     - Programme

Day 18- 17.12.2018   -     Santhali Language     - Programme

Day 19- 18.12.2018   -     Sindhi Language        - Programme

 Day 20- 19.12.2018   -     Tamil Language        - Programme

Day 21 - 20.12.2018   -     Telugu Language      - Programme

Day 22 - 21.12.2018   -     Urdu Language         - Programme

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details of the year  AS ON 11-09-2018

2018- 2019

School students are naturally curious, which makes science an ideal subject for them to learn. Science allows students to explore their world and discover new things. It is also an active subject, containing activities such as hands-on labs and experiments. This makes science well-suited to active younger children. Science is an important part of the foundation for education for all children. While most feel that Science in education is a necessity, they tend to use it as a tool for reaching a specific target or personal mark, after which there is no further need to seek greater education. Nonetheless, the importance of education in society is indispensable and cohering, which is why society and knowledge cannot be ever separated into two distinct entities.
A world without science would mean that we would still be living in a very different way to that of what we live today. Science started back when (we imagine) 2 cavemen wondered what rubbing 2 sticks together would do. Science is based on curiosity and how to’s. In fact we are natural Scientists watch children and you will see that young children play like Scientists work, with investigation.
Today science influences so many different things that trying to list them all would mean this page could go on forever. Science has influenced the medical industry that today reduces thousands of deaths every day. But is science only about new inventions, new technology and new medicines?
We want people to understand that it is not just about new technology, inventions or new medicines. Science is about a whole lot more than that and to sum it up we believe that science is a way of helping the brain grow in finding new knowledge and helps us defeat our curiosity of how the world develops and works today.
Science is important because it has helped form the world that we live in today.

In  our   Vidyalaya  level   to    promote   Science  Education  we  undertook  the following   activities.
• V  V M   [Vidyarthi  Vigyan  Manthan  -Science    Talent   Search   Examination ]
In a view to encourage our students in their thrive to be equipped as persons of good critical thinking Vidyalaya conducts a number of Science Olympiad exams.
NSTSE – 2018
 Nearly 80 students are going to register for the exam which will be conducted in January 2019.
130 students   are   going  to  participate  for   English  Olymiad   whch will be   conducted on  4-10-2018.  50   students   for   Maths  Olympiad   which will be   conducted  on   4-12-2018.50 students  will   participate     for   Science  Olympiad  which  will  commence  from   4-11-2018 .
Online  registration  of  the   Vidyalaya  was  done    and    Vidyalaya  got   registered. 3 students  were   registered   for  inspire  from  the  Vidyalaya.
IAPT  OLYMPIADS   will  be  conducted  on 18-11-2018  and   25-11-2018.Registration   started.
VIRTUAL   science  portal
A  unique  mentorship  programme  which  connects  students  with  Scientist  and   Academicians  from   CSIR , DRDO ,and  ISRA  and  facilitates  sharing  of  ideas  and  thoughts  through   discussion   and  interaction  is  being  conducted  as  a  project  by  Vijnana  Bharati  in  Association  with   DST - NCSTC  and  CSIR-Indian  institute  of Chemical  Technology, Hyderabad
On  line  registration  work will  start  at  the  earliest.               
Vidyarthi   Vigyan  Manthan   [V V M] –Science   Talent  Search   Examination
 Vidyarthi   Vigyan  Manthan    is  conducting   Science   Talent  Search  Examination  in  collaboration   with    National   Council     of    Education    Research   and     Training  [NCERT]   an  institution    under   the   Ministry   of   Human    Resource   Development,Govt.of  India.It is  an  online  competition.Registrations   will  start  soon.

A  meeting   of  the  science   teachers  was  conducted  on   7-8-2018  to   discuss  about  the  preparation  of  students  and   projects  on  the  theme    ''  Science, Technology  and   Innovtion   for   Sustainable   Development''. The   focal   theme  includes, seven  sub  themes  which  are  as   follows;
1.Eco system  and   Ecosystem   Services.
2.Health   and   Huygene  and  Sanitation.
3.Waste  to   Wealth.
4.Society,Culture  and  Livelyhood.
5. Traditional  Knowledge  Systems.  



details of the year  AS ON 11-09-2017

                             Regional Level        KVS National               Regional Level 

National Children Science Congress  6      2                                     2* as on 31.03.17
Jawaharlal Nehru Junior Science and

Maths Olympiad                             6       -                                    - 

INSPIRE Award                              1       -                                    - 

Maths Olympiad                            22      -                                    -

Science Olympiad                        170       -                                   -

Activities Level (Cluster/Regional/ National) No. of students   Selected Names 
Science Olympiad 170   
Math’s Olympiad    22   
Cyber Olympiad     60   
Green Olympiad     35   
IGBC Green Building Contest -   
National Sc. Congress  Regional                     02                 Akshay B raj, Annet Mary 
Sc. Exhibition                                               06 as on 31.03.17

Olympiads under Science Olympiad Federation (SOF) -







































































































































































1. KV INS DRONACHARYA has 6th position among 40 KVs out of Ernakulam Region and first position in Defence Sector. Four students of KV INS DRONACHARYA secured centum in Economics of Class XII.
KV INS DRONACHARYA - has 100% Pass in the classes X and XII for the academic year 2017-18.
2. PI of Class XII is 82.03. Aiswarya S Prabhu (Science stream) secured 482/500 i.e 96.4 % and Sai Kripa (Commerce stream) secured 484/500 i.e 96.8 %. Sai Kripa is the regional topper of Ernakulam Region.
3. All 101 Students of Class XII secured more than 60 % marks in aggregate.

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