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2 Teachers of our Vidyalaya,  received Regional Incentive Award i) Santosh Kumar Kana ii) Sulekha Rani R

e-magazine of class XI & XII released on 07-09-2018

Bhasha sangam Programmes :

Day 1 - 01/12/2018 (As 20/11/2018 was a Holiday)  -    Assamese Day Programme 

Day 2 - 21/11/2018   -    Bengali Day Programme1 

                                     Bengali Day Programme2

Day 3 - 26/11/2018   -     Bodo Language  - Programme

Day 4 - 27/11/2018   -     Dogri Language  - Programme1      Programme2

Day 5 - 28/11/2018   -     Gujarathi Day     - Programme

                                      Linguistic Diversity of India (Dance)

Day 6 - 29/11/2018   -     Hindi Language    - Programme

Day 7 - 30/11/2018   -     Kannada Language - Programme

Day 8 - 03/12/2018   -     Kashmiri Language  - Programme - Part II

Day 9 - 04/12/2018   -     Konkani Language   - Programme

Day 10- 05/12/2018   -     Maithili Language     - Programme 

Day 11- 06.12.2018   -     Malayalam Language - Programme

Day 12- 07.12.2018   -     Manipuri Language    - Programme

Day 13- 10.12.2018   -     Marathi Language     -  Programme

Day 14- 11.12.2018   -     Nepali Language       -  Programme

Day 15- 12.12.2018   -     Odia Language          - Programme

Day 16- 13.12.2018   -     Punjabi Language      - Programme

Day 17- 14.12.2018   -     Sanskrit Language     - Programme

Day 18- 17.12.2018   -     Santhali Language     - Programme

Day 19- 18.12.2018   -     Sindhi Language        - Programme

 Day 20- 19.12.2018   -     Tamil Language        - Programme

Day 21 - 20.12.2018   -     Telugu Language      - Programme

Day 22 - 21.12.2018   -     Urdu Language         - Programme

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The Principal


Places / institutions available within 100 Kms for study tours .



Bolgatty Palace : Situated on Bolgatty Island easily accessible from mainland by ferry. The Dutch built the Bolgatty Palace in 1744, which later became a seat of British Resident for Cochin. The Palace is currently a Hotel run by KTDC.

Santa Cruz Basillica : This historic church was built by the Portuguese and elevated to a Cathedral by Pope IV in 1558. In 1795 it fell into the hands of the British when they took over Cochin, and was demolished. Bishop Dom Gomez Ferreira commissioned a new building at the same site in 1887. The church was proclaimed a Basilica in 1984 by Pope John Paul II.

Cherai Beach : It is a calm beach. This is situated in between backwaters and Arabian Sea. Its thick coconut grooves and Chinese fishing nets on the water front give an added attraction. Occassionally, dolphins are also seen here. This beach is located in Vypin Island, which is accessible by ferry or by road from mainland. It is twenty-five kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Chinese Fishing Nets : "Chinese Fishing Nets" – a hallmark of Kochi. They speak of the first traders, who visited this coast during 1350 – 1450 AD. These nets are built using teak wood and bamboo poles. They can be best viewed in use at " Vasco-Da-Gama Square", Fort Kochi, located six kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Indira Priyadarsini Children’s Traffic Training & National Renewable Energy Park : This Children’s Park located at the scenic backwaters of Cochin, airms to provide education and fun to the children who are fast growing up as responsible citizens of tomorrow. It features the modern traffic training and has a range of automatic traffic signal system, traffic signal boards, thus resembling a modern city with well-maintained traffic.

National Renewable Energy Park is a novel theme park for popularizing day to day use of renewable energy devices. It is meant for children as well as elders for experiencing and understanding the latest equipments working from various Renewable Energy sources such as Solar, Wind, Micro Hydel, Bio Gas etc. Detailed information is available on user friendly display boards. The other facilities in the park are Musical Dancing Fountain, Play Fountain, Recreation Pond, Skating Rink and Toy Train etc

St. Francis Church : St. Francis Church, which is the oldest European church in India, is at Fort Kochi. It was built by Portuguese in 1503 AD. Dutch restored it and later the British converted it into an Anglican Church. Vasco-Da-Gama, who discovered sea route to India from Europe, was buried here. This church is situated approximately six kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Jewish Synagogue : Jewish trading community built the Jewish Synagogue in 1568 AD. It is famous for its eighteenth century Chinese hand paintings, willow-patterned floor tiles, each tile being unique in design. There are Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs; great scrolls of old testaments, Belgian Chandeliers and much more. The Jewish Synagogue at Mattancherry is located seven kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Mattanchery Palace (Dutch Palace) : This palace is a historical monument. It was built by the Portuguese in 1557 and presented to the then ruler of Kochi. The Dutch, later renovated it in 1663. Beautiful murals, Dutch Palanquins, are a few of the displays of this palace. It has a Devi Temple in the complex.

St. Francis Church : St. Francis Church, which is the oldest European church in India, is at Fort Kochi. It was built by Portuguese in 1503 AD. Dutch restored it and later the British converted it into an Anglican Church. This church is situated approximately six kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Hill Palace Museum : Hill Palace Museum complex includes thirteen galleries displaying oil paintings, murals, sculptures in stone, etc. It is surrounded by fifty-two acres of land, which includes a deer park. The museum is open from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm on all days except Mondays and national holidays. It is located at Tripunithura about twenty kilometers from this Vidyalaya

Vega Land Amusement Park : VegaLand with its fountains and green carpet lawns and the World Class Amusement rides for the whole family is certainly an ideal place to make your leisure a real pleasure. This park offers the world class water/dry rides at the most moderate rates. It is situated approximately forty kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Silver Storm : Silver Storm Water theme park is located around eighty kms. from this Vidyalaya. It is near Athirapilly water falls in Trichur District. Athirapilly is a popular water falls in south India. The main entrance and wall of this water these park is decorated with African mask and Egyptian Statues. Silver Storm have more thirty dry rides and water rides.

Kalady : Kalady is the birthplace of Jagadguru Sankaracharya, lies on the banks of Periyar River. The Sharadadevi temple is a prominent landmark of Kalady. Sree Sankara Stupa is located nearby. This stupa gives the life history of Acharya. Sree Shankaracharya Sanskrit University is also located here. It is forty five kilometers from this Vidyalaya.

Dutch Cemetery : The cemetery was consecrated in 1724. The tomb stones here are the most authentic record of the hundreds of Europeans who left their homeland on a mission to expand their colonial empires and changed the course of history of this land. This is managed by the Church of South India.





1. KV INS DRONACHARYA has 6th position among 40 KVs out of Ernakulam Region and first position in Defence Sector. Four students of KV INS DRONACHARYA secured centum in Economics of Class XII.
KV INS DRONACHARYA - has 100% Pass in the classes X and XII for the academic year 2017-18.
2. PI of Class XII is 82.03. Aiswarya S Prabhu (Science stream) secured 482/500 i.e 96.4 % and Sai Kripa (Commerce stream) secured 484/500 i.e 96.8 %. Sai Kripa is the regional topper of Ernakulam Region.
3. All 101 Students of Class XII secured more than 60 % marks in aggregate.

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