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2 Teachers of our Vidyalaya,  received Regional Incentive Award i) Santosh Kumar Kana ii) Sulekha Rani R

e-magazine of class XI & XII released on 07-09-2018

Bhasha sangam Programmes :

Day 1 - 01/12/2018 (As 20/11/2018 was a Holiday)  -    Assamese Day Programme 

Day 2 - 21/11/2018   -    Bengali Day Programme1 

                                     Bengali Day Programme2

Day 3 - 26/11/2018   -     Bodo Language  - Programme

Day 4 - 27/11/2018   -     Dogri Language  - Programme1      Programme2

Day 5 - 28/11/2018   -     Gujarathi Day     - Programme

                                      Linguistic Diversity of India (Dance)

Day 6 - 29/11/2018   -     Hindi Language    - Programme

Day 7 - 30/11/2018   -     Kannada Language - Programme

Day 8 - 03/12/2018   -     Kashmiri Language  - Programme - Part II

Day 9 - 04/12/2018   -     Konkani Language   - Programme

Day 10- 05/12/2018   -     Maithili Language     - Programme 

Day 11- 06.12.2018   -     Malayalam Language - Programme

Day 12- 07.12.2018   -     Manipuri Language    - Programme

Day 13- 10.12.2018   -     Marathi Language     -  Programme

Day 14- 11.12.2018   -     Nepali Language       -  Programme

Day 15- 12.12.2018   -     Odia Language          - Programme

Day 16- 13.12.2018   -     Punjabi Language      - Programme

Day 17- 14.12.2018   -     Sanskrit Language     - Programme

Day 18- 17.12.2018   -     Santhali Language     - Programme

Day 19- 18.12.2018   -     Sindhi Language        - Programme

 Day 20- 19.12.2018   -     Tamil Language        - Programme

Day 21 - 20.12.2018   -     Telugu Language      - Programme

Day 22 - 21.12.2018   -     Urdu Language         - Programme

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The Principal


Home arrow Administration arrow VMC/PTA Members


                                                                               (Contd.... at the bottom, Please scroll down)

Sl. No.NamePositionAddress
1.Cmdr. Simon MathaiChairman Senior Officer of    Navy  (INS, DRONACHARYA)Commanding Officer, INS Dronacharya, Kochi -1
2.Lt. Pawanpreet KaurMember ( Nominee Chairman)SEDO INS Dronacharya, Kochi
3.Shri. VIJAY E MMember (Eminent Educationist)Human Resources panelist in various National Institutes of Excellence
4.Sr. Rosamma Member (Eminent Educationist)

Principal, Santa Maria Senior Secondary School, Mundamveli.   Phone:

 5 Shri. Sidharthan K Member (Eminent Person of the area known for outstanding work in the field of Culture) Former HOD, RLV college of Music and fine arts, Thripunithura, Ernakulam .  Phone :
6.Mr. P.P Baburajan  Parent Member ( Parents of children studying in K.V ) Male

Indian Meterological Department, Kochi Inter National Airport, Kochi              Ph No.                                             F/O Master.Abhay B. Raj (XII.B)

7.Smt. Rasmi NParent Member ( Parents of children studying in K.V ) FemaleE-55, Jalvayu Vihar, Kochi - 07,   Phone No.                                      M/O Kumari Aswathy Jithesh ( XIIC)
8.Dr. Reshmi PrasanthEminent Medical Officer of the area.

C/O Mr. P S Joseph, Padathara , Konnoth Joseph Master Road, Thoppumpady.                             Phone:

9Smt. Preetimole T AMember Representative of SC/STPallithittayil , Chathamma,        Panangadu P.O , Ernakulam.            Phone:9846223594
     10Smt. R. RajalathaPGT (Physics)Teacher Representative PGT (Physics), KV INS Dronacharya
11.Smt. Maya GeorgeMember Secretary(Principal of the KV)  PRINCIPAL , Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Dronacharya, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  
12Shri. Padmanaba MallyaCo-opted Member O/O Joint DGFT, Kendriya Bhavan, Kakkanad - 682037                    Phone : 9446930496
 13  Mr. Pranab Kumar Das Member (Chairman of the CGEWCC)  IRS, Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, P.B. No. : 1758, Central Revenue Building, I. P. Road Ernakulam, Kochi, Phone:  2203110 / 2390176
14Shri.Kshitiz AgnihotriTechnical ExpertIDSE, GE MES Fort Kochi, Phone :
15Shri. Joseph MartinPresident PTA  






Tele. No.
 1Smt. Maya GeorgeChairman

Principal ,KV INS Dronacharya, Mundamveli P.O, Kochi


 2Shri. Mohammed RafeequeVice Chairman

23/894-A, Thangal Nagar, Palluruthy, Kochi-6, Lecturer, DIET Ernakulam


 3Shri. Joseph Martine P.TSecretary

Puliyanth House, Mundamveli P.O, Kochi


 4 Shri. C.P. RamachandranJt. Secretary & Teacher Member

TGT Sanskrit, KV INS Dronacharya, Mundamveli P.O, Kochi


 5Smt. Sandhya Parent  Member

4/1051 Dr.J A Bhatt Road, North Cherlai, Kochi-2, LIC Thompumpady


 6 Smt. RamyaParent Member

21/1215, Chokiparambil House, Palluruthy, SBI, Thoppumpady


 6Shri. Harikumar ATeacher Member

TGT(WET), ,KV INS Dronacharya, Mundamveli P.O, Kochi




Admission Committee :

Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana  (PGT-Engl.)

Shri. Hari Kumar A, WET  I/C

Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.)

Shri. Soju S. PGT (Comp. Sc)

Kumari. Roopitha E. K. (TGT Maths) 

Smt. Sheeba Chandran , H.M I/C

Class Teachers of Class I:              

Smt.  Mary Joice, PRT

Smt. Reshmimol A., PRT,

Smt. Bini Anil, PRT          




PRIMARY SECTION             

Smt. Jayasree K, PGT(Maths) I/C

Kumari. Roopitha E. K. (TGT Maths) 

Smt.               , TGT Maths  

Smt. Molly .T.M, Librarian

Primary Section:

Mr. Manoj Kumar D,  PRT,  I/C

Mrs. Deepa Rani, PRT 

Examination Committee










Smt. Sulekha Rani R, I/C PGT (Che.)

Mrs.  K. Vimala Thomas , PGT(CS)


Smt. Sathy M N, PGT (Maths) I/C 

Smt. Roopitha E. K, TGT(Maths)

Smt. Arathi, TGT(English)



Smt. Mary Joice, PRT I/C

Shri. Vikrant Yadav, PRT

Co-curricular activities, Morning Assembly & Celebrations 










Smt. Anita Sharma, PGT(Biology)  I/C 

Smt. Roopma Anand, TGT(English)

Shri. Narendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi)

Smt. Kshema Joseph, TGT(PE)

Shri. Harikumar .A, TGT(WE)


Smt. Mercy Saxena, PRT I/C 

Smt. Reshmimol A. R, PRT

Smt. Nisha R. Chandran, PRT Music

Maintenance & Repair :

a.       Electrical (All electrical Gadgets)    


b.      Civil (Plumbing, Building etc.,)


Shri. Hari  Kumar A., TGT(WET)   I/C

Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.)

Shri. M.M Joseph, PGT(Bio.)  I/C

Shri. Himanshu Verma, TGT(Maths)

Shri Manoj Kumar.D. , PRT


Shri. Saji Paul,PGT(Che.) I/C 

Smt. Kshema Joseph, PET(PE)

Smt . A C Santhamma, TGT(Bio)   I/C 

Smt. Deepa Rani A R, PRT

Smt. Mary Joice Antony, PRT

All Class Teachers

 Dealing with Late commers & Uniform defaulters


Smt. Kshema Joseph, TGT(PE) I/C

Smt. A.C. Santhamma, TGT(Bio.)

Smt. Sujatha Krishnan, PRT

Sports Coach

All Class Teachers

Local Purchase Committee

Shri. M.M. Joseph, PGT (Bio.) I/C  

Shri. Jacob, PGT (Phy.)

Smt.  Molly. T.M,  Librarian

Shri. Hari Kumar .A., TGT(WE)

Smt. Sheeba Chandran, HM I/C

Shri. Jose Thomas, SSA


Shri. Jacob, PGT(Phy.) I/C 

Shri. Himanshu Verma, TGT(Maths)

Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.)

Shri. Manjit Kumar, PRT

Shri. Ravi Kumar, PRT

Vidyalaya Cleanliness Monitoring Committee  :         

                                                              Smt. Rajalatha, PGT(Physics) I/C

                                                              Smt. Anitha Sarma, PGT(Bio)

                                                              Smt. Margaret, PGT(Economics)

                                                              Smt. A. C. santhamma, TGT(Bio)

                                                              Smt.  Sheeja  Rajan         , TGT(Maths)

                                                              Smt. Kshema Joseph, PET(PE)

                                                              Smt. Rekha Rani, PRT

                                                              Smt. Reena, PRT

                                                              Smt. Sheela, Sub Staff

Right to Information Act

Shri. Harikumar A,   TGT (WE) I/C

Shri. Jose Thomas, SSA

Scouts & Guides

Shri. Soju .S , PGT (Comp. Sc.) I/C

Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana,PGT(English)

Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.)

Smt. Roopitha E. K, TGT(Maths)

Shri. Narendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi) 

Shri. Himanshu Verma, TGT(Maths)

Smt. Molly .T.M, Librarian

Cubs & Bulbuls

Smt. Nisha R. Chandran, PRT(Music) I/C 

Smt.                , PRT

Shri. Mary Joice Antony, PRT

Smt. Sujatha Krishnan , PRT

Smt. Deepa Rani A R , PRT

Smt.                  , PRT

Smt. Bini Anil,PRT

Shri. Vikrant Yadav, PRT

Shri. Mithun Shahare , PRT

Shri. Ravi Kumar, PRT


Smt. Jayasree Karthikeyan, PGT(Maths)

Shri. Jose Thomas , SSA


Smt. Rajalatha , PGT(Phy), I/C

Smt. Ambily S, PGT(Comm.)

Excursion Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.)  I/C

Shri. Himanshu Verma, TGT(Maths)

Smt. Rooma Anand, TGT(English) 

Smt. Sheeba Chandran , HM I/C

Smt. Mercy Saxena,  PRT

Shri. Manoj Kumar D, PRT 

Official Language

Shri. Narendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi) I/C

TGT(Hindi) - 1

Teaching Aids

Smt. Ambily S, PGT (Comm.) I/C

Smt. Asha Ramachandran, TGT(Eng.)

Shri. Ravi Kumar, PRT

(a)  Gardening




(b)  Beautification  of Vidyalaya Building &  Campus

Smt. Anitha Sharma, PGT(Bio.) I/C

Smt.                       , PRT 

Smt. Nisha R Chandran, PRT(Music)

Smt. Deeparani R, PRT


Smt. Anitha Sharma, PGT(Bio.) I/C

Shri. Manesha Deva Sarma, TGT(Art) 

Smt. Deepa Rani A R, PRT

Smt. Bini Anil, PRT

Computer/WebsiteSmt. K. Vimala Thomas , PGT(CS)  I/C

Shri. Soju . S, PGT(CS) I/C 

Shri. Hari Kumar .A., TGT( WET )

Smt. Mercy Saxena, PRT

Maths Club

Smt. Sathy M N, PGT(Maths)

Smt. Jayasree, PGT(Maths)

Smt.           , TGT(Maths)

Smt. Roopitha, TGT(Maths) 


Smt. Sulekha Rani R, PGT(Chem) I/C

Smt. Anitha Sharma, PGT(Bio)

Smt. Roopma Anand, TGT(Eng.)

Smt. Molly T.M, Librarian

First Aid and Medical Room

Smt. A C Shanthamma , TGT(Bio)

Smt. Kshema Joseph, TGT(P&HE)



Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.) ,  I/C

Shri. Hari Kumar .A., TGT(WET)

Smt. Nisha R Chandran, PRT(Music)

Shri. Sree Kumar, Art (Contractual)

Vidyalaya Patrika/Class Manuscript/ Vidyalaya News Letter






News Letter (Primary)

Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana, PGT(Eng.)


Smt. Asha Ramachandran, TGT(English)

Smt. Roopma Anand, TGT(English)

Smt. Narendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi)

Smt. Mary Joice Antony, PRT


Smt. Bini Anil, PRT

Mrs. K. Vimala Thomas, PGT(CS),  I/C

Computer Instructors 

All Class Teachers.


Mrs. Molly T.M. Librarian - I/C

Mrs. Sujatha Krishnan, PRT  - I/C

Mrs. Nisha .R. Chandran , PRT 

All Class Teachers

Academic Committee / Printing Teachers diary / Students dairy

Shri. M. M Joseph, PGT(Bio)  I/C

Smt. Anitha Sarma,  PGT(Bio)

Smt. Roopma Anand, TGT(Eng)

Smt.              , TGT(Maths)

Smt. Sheeba Chandran P, H.M I/C

Smt. Margret , PGT(Eco.)

Library Committee

Smt. Molly T.M. , Librarian  I/C

Smt. Rajalatha R, PGT(Physics)

Mrs. A.C. Santhamma, TGT(Bio)

Mrs. Roopma Anand, TGT(Eng.)

Mrs. Sheeba Chandran ,PRT

 Library Soft. Maintenance / Issue

 Smt. Molly T.M. , Librarian

 Shri. Manoj Kumar .D, PRT

Sports Committee

Smt. Kshema Joseph, TGT(P&HE)  , I/C

Smt. Sulekha, PGT(Chem) 

Smt. Leena Manoj, TGT(Maths)

Smt. A.C. Santhamma, TGT(Bio)

Shri. Hari Kumar .A., TGT(WE)

Shri. Mithun Shahare, PRT

 Minutes of Staff Meeting  Smt. Jayasree K, PGT(Maths) I/C 

 Smt. Asha Ramachandran, TGT (English)

 Smt. Roopma Anand, TGT(English)

 Subject Committee Convenors


English : Smt. Deepa Rani, PRT

Hindi     : Smt. Sujatha Krishnan, PRT

Maths   : Smt. Mary Joice Antony, PRT

EVS      : Smt. Reshmimol A.R PRT


English:Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana, PGT(Eng.)

Hindi     :                     PGT(Hindi)

Maths   : Smt. Sathy M. N , PGT(Maths)

Science  : Shri. M. M. Joseph,  PGT(Biology)

S. St.    : Smt. Ambily, PGT(Comm.)

               Smt. Margaret,  PGT(Economics)

 Youth Parliament Competition

 Smt. Rajalakshmi .S, PGT(Economics)

 Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana, PGT(English)

 Smt. Ambily S, PGT(Comm.)

 Smt. Asha Ramachandran, TGT(English)

 Shri. Narendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi)

 Science Exhibition

 Smt. Sulekha Rani , PGT(Che.) I/C

 Smt. Rajalatha, PGT(Phy)

 All Science Teachers

 Social Science Exhibition

 Smt. Margaret , PGT (Eco.) I/C

 Smt. Ambily .S, PGT (Comm.)


 Olympiads (Overall I/C)

 Cyber Olympiad

 Science Olympiad

 Maths Olympiad

 English Olympiad

 Green Olympiad

 Smt. RajaLatha, PGT (Phy)  

 Shri. Soju S, PGT(Comp. Sc)

 Shri. Jacob, PGT(Phy.)

 Smt. Roopitha E K, TGT(Maths)

 Smt. Asha Ramachandran, TGT(Eng.)

 Smt Anitha Sarma, PGT(Bio) 

 Grievance cell

 Shri. Saji Paul PGT(Chem.)

 Smt. Sheeba Chandran, PRT

PA System

Shri. Hari Kumar .A., TGT(WE)  I/C

Shri. Ramachandran, TGT(Skt.)

Club Activities

Secondary (Overall I/C)

Primary (Overall I/C)

Integrity Club


Readers Club



Literary & Dramatic Club (Eng)/(Hindi)





Science Club


National Green Corps./Eco. Club 



Electrical & Electronics



Maths Club



Arts Club



Music & Dance



Road Safety Club


Shri. Saji Paul , PGT (Chem.)  I/C

Smt. Sheeba Chandran , HM I/C

Smt. Asha Ramachandran, TGT(English.) I/C



Smt. Molly T M, Librarian

TGT (Hindi -2)


Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana, PGT(Englisg)

Smt. Shyni Damodaran, TGT(English)


Shri. Nareendra Kumar, TGT(Hindi)


Smt. Anitha Sharma, PGT(Bio) I/C

Smt. Santhamma, TGT(Sci.)


Smt. A C Santhamma, TGT(Biology)



Shri. Harikumar A, TGT(WE) I/C



Smt. Jayasree , PGT(Maths) - I/C

Smt.                , TGT(Maths)


Shri.              , TGT(AE)



Mrs. Nisha .R. Chandran, PRT(Music)I/C

TGT( -1)


Smt. Roopitha  .E. K, TGT(Maths) I/C

Sports Coach

 PTA Meetings

 Smt. Rajalatha , PGT(Phy.)

 Smt. Ambily .S. , PGT(Comm.)

 All Class Teachers

 School Quality Assessment & Accreditation

 Shri. Soju. S, PGT (Comp. Sci.)

 Smt. Ambily . S, PGT (Comm.)

 Compilation of Documents for Inspection

 Smt. K. Sumathy, PGT(Bio) I/C

 Smt. Sulekha Rani R, PGT(Chem)

 Smt. Rajalatha .R, PGT(Physics)

 Smt.            , TGT(Maths)

 Smt. Sheeba Chandran , PRT





 :Smt.Margret Paul (PGT Eco.,) I/C
 :Smt. K. VimalaThomas(PGTCom.Sci)

  Shri. Santhosh Kumar Kana (PGT Eng.)  
 :Kumari.. Roopitha E K (TGT Maths)

Smt. Reena, I/C

Smt. Deeparani,

Shri. Mithun

Shri. Vikrant Yadav

:Shri. Jacob K.J - I/C
 :Smt. Neenu Nazar

 : Smt. Ambily S (PGT Comm)
 : Smt. Jayasree K (PGT Maths)
 : Smt. Aarathy Das ( TGT English)

Shri. Manjit Kumar, I/ C

Shri. Manoj Kumar

Smt. Sujatha Krishnan

Smt. Pushpa Devi


 :Shri. Sajimon K. Paul  (PGT Che) - I/C

 :Smt. Mary Anju D'silva

 : Shri. Himanshu Verma (TGT Maths)

 :Smt. Rajalatha (PGT Phy)
 :Shri. Soju S (PGT Comp. Sc.)
 :Smt. Asha Ramachandran (TGT English)

 : Kumari. Neethu Lakshmi (TGT Hindi)

 : Smt. Sreekala G. Pillai

Shri. Ravi Kumar  I/C

Smt. Bini Anil 

Smt. Bindu Fernandez

 :Smt. Sulekha Rani R (PGT Che.  ) - I/C 

 :Shri. M.M. Joseph (PGT Bio.)

 :Kumari.  Sathy M N (PGT Maths )
 :Smt. Leena Manoj (TGT Maths)
 :Smt. Neelam Singh(TGT Hindi )

 :Smt. Divya Vipin (Comp. Instructor)

Smt. Rekha Rani - I/C

Smt.Mary Joice Antony


Smt. Saritha Nair








1. KV INS DRONACHARYA has 6th position among 40 KVs out of Ernakulam Region and first position in Defence Sector. Four students of KV INS DRONACHARYA secured centum in Economics of Class XII.
KV INS DRONACHARYA - has 100% Pass in the classes X and XII for the academic year 2017-18.
2. PI of Class XII is 82.03. Aiswarya S Prabhu (Science stream) secured 482/500 i.e 96.4 % and Sai Kripa (Commerce stream) secured 484/500 i.e 96.8 %. Sai Kripa is the regional topper of Ernakulam Region.
3. All 101 Students of Class XII secured more than 60 % marks in aggregate.

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